1 day to go
6/19 - 6/20/2024
Duration: 2 Days

What is BRANDmate? What are the goals of the event?

BRANDmate is a B2B networking event about brand collaborations, partnerships and licensing with the aim of bringing companies, brands and potential cooperation partners together across industries.

Two days of networking in an expanded, cross-industry environment await the participants. The participating companies come from various sectors such as entertainment, food & beverage, home & living, beauty & care, toys, publishing, sport, gaming or fashion. What unites them is their interest in collaborations.

The stated goal of BRANDmate is to enable transparent and efficient networking in a relaxed atmosphere.

FAQs for exhibitors

  • How can I book participation? Until when?

The deadline for registering for showrooms is March 29, 2024. We can make individual spaces that are still available after this date available until mid-April.


  • What are the options for participating as an exhibitor?

We look forward to as many different types of events as possible Brand staging. Anything that fire protection allows is possible. Whether host of a lounge, showroom, Insta spot, show feature or food truck: our exhibitors present themselves the way their brand should be perceived.


  • Who builds the stand, who plans the stand? What materials and information are necessary? Until when?

Our partner satis&fy is responsible for stand construction across the entire site. If you already have your own elements or an entire stand, you can of course also use the material on the BRANDmate in the interests of sustainability.


  • What furniture is available? Until when can they be booked?

A fixed furniture package is included in our showrooms. Would you like to rent other furniture? No problem! We purchase our furniture from www.partyrent.com and charge a 15% handling fee, which is added to the list price if you would like additional or different furniture for your showroom. The furniture can be booked through your BRANDmate contact.


  • Is there electricity at the stand? Are there screens?

Each stand is equipped with electricity and/or screens as required. Depending on the package booked, these are already included in the showroom price.


  • Is there catering at the stand? Drinks, coffee?

On the BRANDmate area, all gastronomic offerings are available to participants free of charge and are available in sufficient quantities. If you would like to provide additional gastronomic offerings at the stand for your own team or guests, we recommend our catering team, which will also look after the evening event on site www.tasteofnow.de We ask you to register devices such as refrigerators or coffee machines in advance, as we have the appropriate power connections for this must be ready.


  • Can you withdraw from the contract? Until when?

See general terms and conditions in the booking contract.


  • From when is it allowed to set up?

Depending on the stand size booked, we have delivery and set-up slots for you the day before, Tuesday 18.06.24. We will let you know exactly when these are in advance by email.


  • When is delivery allowed? What is the address?

We have a narrow delivery window because we have no storage space in Fredenhagen outside of our rental period and other events take place before BRANDmate. Deliveries must therefore be made on June 17th and 18th, 2024 and must be clearly marked with the company name and stand number.

The address is: 

BRANDmate / Exhibitor Company & Stand Number

℅ SPACES mg GmbH

Sprendlinger Landstr. 193-195

D-63069 Offenbach








  • When is dismantling allowed?

Dismantling is permitted after the official end of the event. BRANDmate ends on Thursday, June 20, 2024 at 6:00 p.m.


  • How many free tickets do exhibitors get? Is there a discount on additional tickets?

Each exhibitor receives a free quota depending on the stand space booked. Additional exhibitor tickets can be booked with a personalized discount code. Please speak to your supervising BRANDmate team member about this.


  • How is the setup organized? Are cars/vans allowed to drive up?

We will provide a delivery slot and an unloading zone for you in Fredenhagen. We will let you know this in good time before BRANDmate.


  • Can additional furniture be booked on site?

Unfortunately we do not have any additional furniture storage on site. We ask you to check your needs in advance and order from us. If you have any questions, we will of course be happy to help you.


  • How do I fill out my company and personal profile?
    • Each exhibiting company has its own company profile. Depending on the bundle you book, you will have access to a profile page for your company and various subpages for your brands. If you need more pages for brands, these can be rebooked at any time. These pages will then be incorporated into the BRANDbible. The company pages can be edited by an assigned company admin.
    • Your personal profile is subordinate to the company. Here you can enter information about yourself. Appointments for BRANDmate can also be made via your profile. The lectures can also be booked via your profile. When you log in to the BRANDmate event page, you will see your calendar of events and news about BRANDmate on your personal home page.


  • Waste fee

Each exhibitor pays a waste flat rate of EUR 300 when booking the exhibition space. We will refund this after BRANDmate if you do not leave any rubbish behind. Otherwise, the disposal fee will be charged against this flat rate.


  • BRANDbaby 

The BRANDbabies are the results of successful collaborations in which the cooperating companies found each other at BRANDmate. We are really proud of our babies - and of course you as “parents” can be too - and tell us about it. We will then be happy to present the cases.


  • Stand security / stand support

During BRANDmate, especially outside of event times, we have a hall security guard on the site. However, this cannot take over the guarding of individual stands. We therefore ask you to secure valuables and other items worth protecting yourself.


  • Decorative elements brought with you (B1 certificate)

All furniture, carpets or larger decorative elements that you would like to use at your stand must have a B1 certificate (fire protection class). We ask that you send this to us in advance and show it on site upon request.