1 day to go
6/19 - 6/20/2024
Duration: 2 Days

Before BRANDmate

Bought your ticket?

Get your ticket in time. This not only saves you stress before packing - it also allows you to take part in online matchmaking by making an appointment in advance! Pro tip: Simply drag lectures, panels and workshops into the calendar!

Finding friends

It's really easy on BRANDmate. And before? We all meet on LinkedIn! So follow BRANDmate - and don't miss anything! And if you would like to appear in our feed yourself, please let us know.

Which outfit?
BRANDmate is a business event. Even if it's neither a trade fair nor a congress - you don't want to show up underdressed in front of new business partners.
But don't worry: the participants' wardrobe is casual but business-appropriate.
Chicer outfits have also been seen for the evening event. However, this is not a must.

This event page is the linchpin of BRANDmate. Here you can see who is there with which brand, make appointments, see all the program items, put together an individual schedule and stay up to date. It's best to save it straight away as a web app link on your mobile phone. Then it will be quicker at the entrance.

What about hotels?

Admittedly, Offenbach doesn't have the highest density of hotels. But Frankfurt is not far. If the local hotels are already fully booked, we recommend looking in Frankfurt - Offenbach is well connected by train, and there will be a shuttle option from the train station. Nevertheless: The earlier the better!

Where the hell is Fredenhagen?

Fredenhagen is a former industrial site in Offenbach... which in turn is near Frankfurt (Main). You can easily reach BRANDmate by public transport. There are flights to Frankfurt, with connections by train to Offenbach. We recommend the Deutsche Bahn event ticket. It's only a 10 minutes Taxi ride from Offenbach Station. If you are traveling in your own car, we recommend Q-Park Waldstrasse. There is a Taxi stand on Exit Biebererstrasse.

BRANDmate Knigge

Have you never been to BRANDmate and have no idea what to expect?

First of all, you may be irritated by the familiar and friendly atmosphere: we are all on equal terms. When networking, the job title doesn't matter. After all, everyone can have brilliant ideas for collaborations and be enriching.

Our appeal to all participants: Be open!

Another tip to soak up as much of the event as possible in your own wealth of experience: Be curious! - That means: try new things! Eat new things, make a geocach, go on adventures and in the ball pit, talk to new people.

Everyone wants to network! That is the purpose of BRANDmate. Therefore: Talk to people who are standing behind you in the coffee line - or who are strumming the piano.

Our stages are not stages. Speakers, panelists and audience are one - you are welcome to interact. We have therefore designed approachable formats for the stages: speakers can be met at the BRANDmate in the Supermarket of Ideas or at the counter.

At BRANDmate

Money, Money, Money

You are welcome to leave money in the hotel room. Because everything at BRANDmate is free. Drinks, sweets, snacks, food and the evening event are included in the ticket price. You can only support our charity campaigns with money on site - but digitally via Paypal.

What? When? Where?

Especially if you're at BRANDmate for the first time, it can be really overwhelming: the appointments are scheduled very quickly. Therefore, preparation is worthwhile. There will be a location map on your personal homepage before the event. And we have information staff on site as well as improved route guidance to make it as easy as possible for you to keep your appointments.

Interested in knowledge?

The BRANDmate stages may be a bit unusual - there is a supermarket with a stage and a counter where the bartender moderates his guests. Here knowledge is presented in an entertaining way and conveyed at eye level. It's worth taking a look at the program! Pro tip: Add the exciting panels, talks and lectures to your calendar - then the slot for incoming appointments is blocked.


BRANDmate is a brand festival - and of course there are also great food brands on site! And what better way to present them than with freshly prepared food? Let our food specialists pamper you. By the way, our partner Taste of Now will once again be taking care of the catering for the evening event.

The snack in between...

We thought of that too this time. Because we know how quickly you have to sprint from A to B on the BRANDmate. In our supermarket of ideas there is a colorful range of snacks, small treats and fresh fruit.

If you're thirsty...

there are refrigerators scattered around the site, stocked with products from our brand partners. You can also find water cups from Koziol in the Ideas supermarket, which you can fill at the water stations and take home with you later. In the evening, drinks are available at the bar.

Ice, Ice, Baby

BRANDmate time is summer time! You can cool off in the ice cream parlor - and at the ice cream stand outside. Here you will find various types of ice cream from our brand partners.

Is there soccer, too?

Of course! European Championship games are shown on the BRANDmate at the Soccer Lounge. After all, football is also an important licensing topic!

Lots of little highlights

The stand parties and promotions of our exhibitors are legendary - from fancy cocktails to 5 o'clock tea, from geocaching to the immersive brand experience, from the escape room to the live pitch on stage - it's worth putting the news on your profile - Keep an eye on the homepage to know what's going on where and when.

The thing with the garden

The BRANDmate invites you to take a stroll and discover brands. To linger and talk. Eat and enjoy ice cream. The BRANDgarden in particular will lead to discoveries around the world of brands and collaborations.

And in the evening: Party
On Wednesday evenings there is dancing. Live music and various food stations as well as of course the bar and a warm summer night provide a setting for good conversations and relaxed networking. Some people say that the party alone is worth visiting BRANDmate.

After BRANDmate

Two days full of ideas, conversations, parties and impressions have to sink in first. And on the drive home you think, “Oh, I wanted to say hello to XY too.” Don't worry: the event page will remain accessible until September - and you can contact all participants during this time.

The BRANDmate community is growing. We are working on solutions to keep the network alive between events. In addition to LinkedIn, there will soon be another contact point from a partner company. Stay tuned.

Visibility on the internet helps us to grow - and to inspire new, exciting people about BRANDmate. You can help by sharing pictures of and reports about BRANDmate in your networks and linking to our pages. This is how we have #newpeoplenewbusiness year after year